It could be said that every Vietnamese person in the world has seen or heard of Paris By Night music videos and its renowned trademark name Thuy Nga. Founded in 1972 by Mr. Lai and his wife Mrs. Thuy, Thuy Nga originally was a small shop selling vinyl records and cassette tapes. After 1975, Mr. Lai and Mrs. Thuy resided in Paris. They brought all their vinyl and tape collections with them, along with the memory of their homeland, and began transforming Thuy Nga into the icon it is today. The first "Paris By Night" was produced in Paris in 1983. Mr. Lai and Mrs. Thuy gathered exiled singers and musicians to sing about their home. The PBN 1 through 22 were all produced in Paris. From PBN 23, in order to meet the needs of the growing audience, the show began to expand internationally.

The popular music videos - now synonymous with the “Paris By Night” brand name - are best known for their sophisticated set designs, sharp images and impeccable sound quality. Paris By Night music videos also made entertainment history in August 2003, as the first and only Vietnamese music video ever chosen among an elite roster of nominees for the prestigious American Choreography Awards, which recognizes highest standard of achievement in choreography throughout the music industry. Over the past decades, the spectacular Paris By Night music extravaganzas have appeared at famed venues such as: the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, home to the annual Oscar Awards; Long Beach Convention Center; Performing Arts Center in Houston; Caesar Palace in Las Vegas; Television Francaise TF5 in Paris; the Canadian Broadcasting Center and the Bassett Theatre in Toronto, where the prestigious Canadian Gemini and Ginny Awards ceremony take place every year.

Continuing her parents' success, Mrs. Marie To, has proved an unswerving flagship in the development and marketing of the ever-growing and popular music videos and Thuy Nga trademark name. Thirty-five years later, Thuy Nga is still operated by the same family that started it. Since its inception, the company has attracted a loyal following of international fans. It is estimated that 70-80 million Vietnamese people worldwide watch Paris By Night. With the Vietnamese community, Thuy Nga has now become a passion and an iconic brand for the Vietnamese community.

To all of you, from all of us at Thúy Nga - Thank you and Enjoy!